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         As a modern brand enterprise, Shandong ELAN Home Textile Co. ,Ltd. is engaged in developing, designing, manufacturing and trading home textiles since more than a decade.

         ELAN products including bedding sets, towels, curtain and table linens and aprons, are known in the world for their refined embroidering, the noble and elegant jacquard, and the fashionable printings, with a design philosophy absorbing the swan-like elements such as elegance, nobleness and pure beauty. The idea of life quality and health is showing off in all eco-friendly details.

         The logo of Elan Home Textile is a pair of white swan which embodies the cultural spirit of the company. An old saying goes: "The white swan is a quite great bird that can make a soaring fly of thousand miles once spreading his wings in the blue sky". Being regarded as the symbol of truth, goodness and beauty, the white swan is adorable and incomparable all over the world.

         ELAN Home Textiles, based on the culture of quality like lofty swan, trying to accomplish the idea of “Great Home Textile”, will focus on supplying natural and healthy products with one-stop service to our customers.