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    | 日期:2009/06/04 10:15:58 | 點擊:2047 次 | 


          At 11:00 on May 30, the love donation activities on " Read the same book and Paint the Future Ourselves", which was organized by the Youth League Seminar officially started in Qingzhou Yangji Hope Primary School. The leadership from Weifang Youth League gave a high appraisal of this love donation activities, and expressed their warm welcome to the representatives from various companies and the public. They also said that poverty relief is a long and arduous project, so Youth League will continued to insist this love works and called for more enterprises and the public to pay attention and participate in the activities of such love donation.

          As a major representative on behalf of this love donation, in the meeting, ELAN HOME TEXTILE called for children to strive forever, and to be strong and hard-working, encouraged kids to live a happy, confident, sunny life, and finally appealled to everyone that is love gathering all of us, hope we have a loving heart and a grateful heart to repay the society.