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    | 日期:2009/08/03 10:23:5 | 點擊:2401 次 | 

          8月1日,是依瀾開拓進取、揚帆遠航的日子,也是一個特殊的日子,“八一建軍節”, 中國人民解放軍是祖國的鋼鐵長城,人民子弟兵心系百姓。當人民遭受洪水、雪災、地震侵擾的危難關頭,人民子弟兵總是沖鋒在前,戰斗在先,體現了人民軍隊愛人民,人民軍隊為人民的偉大宗旨。值此建軍節之際,作為企業,對擁軍優屬活動的關心和支持是我們一貫的社會責任,公司簡化慶典規模,節省開支,捐贈三萬元擁軍物品,以回報社會,支持軍隊和國防建設。

          On August 1,our show room company moved to the new premises.We didn’t take place a large scale celebration but to give tributes to the August First Army Day.The green and healthy Elan home textiles were donated to more than fifty families of martyrs,heroes of the War of  Resistance and the families of military personnel.
        The August 1 is a special day ---August First Army Day that Elan develops and sets sail to navigate. The Chinese People's Liberation Army is truly a Great Wall of the country and the people’s army is assosciated with the common people.The people’s army is invariably the first to charge when the people were exposed to every kind of danger flood, snow disaster and earthquake.
          It shows that the people’s army love the people and serve the people. On the occasion of the Army Day,our company is always take it as a duty that the goverment and the people should support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs.We simplify the celebration scale and reduce the expenditures to donate goods value at ¥30,000 for the sake of returning more to the society and supporting the national defense strength and armed forces.