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    | 日期:2011/03/10 10:36:59 | 點擊:2614 次 | 

          There is an orphanage in the city where we live. Some distressed children are living here, who were abandoned by their parents because of disabilities.They like angels with broken wings, who were destined never to fly. It is the Welfare of children that adopted them and let them grow up happily in this big family.
          During the Spring Festival of 2011, Zhang Lan, general manager of SHANDONG ELAN HOME TEXTILE CO.,LTD., and photographers of Weifang Photographers Association came to the orphanage, bringing the company's quilts, sheets, pillowcases and other products to the children . The photographers also used the camera shooting the moment of children’s innocence.
          The welfare has currently adopted 227 orphans and disabled children .They did surgical treatment for more than 130 children to save their lives and correct their disability. More than 20 disabled children were adopted by the families from United States, Netherlands, Canada and other foreign countries.Also more than 100 disabled children were adopted by domestic households.