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    | 日期:2009/08/01 10:43:16 | 點擊:2469 次 | 
          豐收的八月,成熟伴隨著輝煌,收獲帶來了喜悅!在這個喜慶的日子里,山東依瀾家紡用有限公司今天迎來了新址喬遷慶典暨09新產品發布會儀式。這里嘉賓相聚,賓朋云集,共同見證依瀾家紡公司的發展成果,共同分享依瀾品牌創建的成功喜悅。出席慶典的還有各級、各部門的領導,各協作與友好單位的領導、朋友。讓我們以熱烈的掌聲對他們的到來表示熱烈的歡迎和誠摯的感謝!出席慶典的新聞媒體有:濰坊電視臺、濰坊日報、濰坊晚報、廣播電視報、濰坊市攝影家協會、濰坊市攝影藝術研究院、 山東省攝影家協會網濰坊專區。山東依瀾家紡有限公司展廳喬遷新址,是依瀾家紡公司發展歷程中的重要里程碑,是企業領導人帶領全體員工銳意進取、邁向成功的重要標志。過去已成為歷史,從今天開始依瀾家紡將翻開新的一頁,邁出新的一步,以全新的形象、全新的產品、全新的經營理念展示給大家,實現破蛹化蝶式的蛻變!

          In August, the season of harvest, Splendor was accompanied by mature and  harvest brought joy! SHANDONG ELAN HOME TEXTILE CO., LTD.. ushered the celebration for moving to the new address , and the ceremony for 09 New Products Reporter on this festive day. Here guests and friends gathered to witness development of  Elan Textile, and to share the joy of successfully creating the Elan brand. Also there were leaders and friends from all levels and all departments, and the collaboration and friendly units. Let us give a warm round of applause on their arrival with a warm welcome and sincere thanks! The news media attending the celebration were: Weifang television, Weifang Daily, Weifang Evening News, Radio and Television Gust, Photographers Association of Weifang, Photo Art Institute of Weifang, Shandong Photographers Network in Weifang Area. The moving of SHANDONG ELAN HOME TEXTILE CO., LTD. and the show room was not only an important milestone in the company development process, but also a important indicator that our company leaders leaded all the staff to forge ahead and strive for progress towards success. Since the past had become history, from now on , ELAN HOME TEXTILE would open a new page, and step forward to adopt a completely new image, new products, new business ideas to present to us, achieving metamorphosis from pupa to butterfly!